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What You Need To Apply

Two forms of identification

In line with our AML/CFT policy, staff are required to sight at least two forms of ID, including one photo ID (passport or drivers licence) the secound form of ID could be community services card or Bank Card with your name embossed on it and your signature on it.

Proof of Income – Employed

  • Your three most recent payslips


  • Last three months bank statements

Proof of Income – Self Employed

  • Statement of accounts (Latest Financial Accounts)


  • Last three months bank statement

Proof of Address

  • A copy of your tenancy agreement for non-home owners or rates assessment bill for home owners


  • Recent phone or power bill showing your name and address

Our loans are mainly security based so you will need some form of collateral, eg car or transferable securities such as life assurance policies or shares.