What You Need To Apply for a Loan

You have come to the right place to find out what you need to apply for a loan.
Other finance companies make it confusing to get a loan so that they can lock you into worse rates and unfair terms. At Why Not Finance, we believe in transparency and making the process of applying for a loan as easy as possible. See below for what you need to apply for a loan with us.

Two Forms of Identification

In line with our AML/CFT policy, staff are required to sight at least two forms of ID, including one photo ID (passport or driver’s licence). The second form of ID could be a community services card or bank card with your name and signature embossed on it. This is to prevent any kind of potential fraud or misunderstanding.

Proof of Income – Employed

1. Your three most recent payslips
2. Last three months bank statements

Proof of Income – Self-Employed

1. Statement of accounts (Latest Financial Accounts)
2. Last three months bank statement

Proof of Address

• A copy of your tenancy agreement for non-homeowners or rates assessment bill for homeowners
• Recent phone or power bill showing your name and address

Our loans are mainly security-based so you will need some form of collateral, e.g., car or transferable securities
such as life assurance policies or shares.

Why Choose Why Not Finance?

We are a finance company that prides itself on transparency and fairness to our clients. Our friendly team of experts are always striving to offer you the best deal possible so that you can live your life with the financial freedom you need to succeed. Don’t get trapped by other finance companies offering unfair loan terms with over- priced interest rates. See our reputation as a finance company that offers fair and affordable rates to clients from all walks of life.

Holidays, gifts, funerals, weddings, and debt consolidations are things that our personal loans can help you with. Apply now with the above forms of identification and get on top of your finances today.