Personal loans are fantastic for adding a few pounds to your piggy bank when you need it most. But what can you use a personal loan for? New Zealand’s private loans are suitable for various financial purposes – from unexpected emergency expenses to home renovations. Personal loans are just that, personal, which means your reasons may differ entirely from someone else’s. Here we list some of the most common reasons kiwis take out a personal loan.

Personal Loans for Emergency Cash Assistance

Unexpected expenses arise constantly, and it isn’t always realistic to pay for it all up front; this is where a personal loan can really help out. Lenders, such as Why Not Finance, provide an online application that will inform you of your application success in a matter of minutes, meaning you get the funds you need fast. Using a personal loan for unexpected costs is one of the most common reasons kiwis take out loans.

Renovate Your Home with a Personal Loan

Our DIY DNA has led many kiwis to use personal loans to help fund renovations around the house. While remortgaging is also an option, these contracts are often tricky, with lenders dictating the payments. With a personal loan, you have the control. In addition, as a personal loan for renovations isn’t secured against your property, you can save money by not having a valuation completed to access your funds.

Forget the Dealership! Purchase a Vehicle with a Personal Loan

Whether you’re upsizing the family car or have heard the call of the wild and want to Contiki through the country in a caravan, a personal loan can help you out. Getting a pre-approved loan for your vehicle purchase often means you can negotiate with the dealer on price, as you are not relying on them for finance, giving you better flexibility.

Use a Personal Loan to Fund the Wedding of Your Dreams

If wedding bells are ringing in the not-too-distant future, a personal loan can help make your wedding wishes a reality. If you feel the purse strings tightening as your wedding budget is stretched thin, consider taking out a personal loan. Many Kiwis take out personal loans to help fund their wedding as it allows you to pay deposits to secure venues and catering without compromising. A personal loan can fund the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Personal Loans are Used to Help Kiwis When They Need it

What can you use a personal loan for? The most straightforward answer is that personal loans are here to help people when and wherever they need it. Personal loans are used for various reasons among New Zealanders and can be a great help to anyone. If you need some additional funds to help you achieve your goals, give Why Not Finance a call today and start your personal loan application. We’re here to help.