We all need reliable transportation to get to and from work or drop the kids at school, but it can be tricky for some to get the funds together for a new car when the unexpected happens. That’s where Why Not Finance comes in! Let’s look at the benefits of a car loan and how our loans can get you back in the driver’s seat in no time.


Expand Your Vehicle Options

Whether you’re looking to replace your day-to-day or buy that car you’ve always dreamed of, an NZ car loan will expand your options by giving you more funds to work with. It can be tempting to purchase something cheaper when you need to get back on the road right away, but this isn’t always the most cost-effective option in the long run. Frequent repairs and costly services may make you wish you got a car loan and splurged on something a little more expensive.


You Can Borrow the Full Amount of a Car’s Purchase Price

If you need a new set of wheels fast, a car loan can benefit you by getting you into the driver’s seat immediately. There is no need to wait until you’ve scrimped and saved all or even part of the cost. Why Not Finance offers Auckland-based loans that cover 100% of the price of your new vehicle. With no deposit required and the ability to spread the loan repayments over a long-term contract, our car loans are a safe and reliable way to ensure you have the backing needed to get back on the road again.


Get the Money Quickly

If you’ve got your eye on a specific vehicle, you may be a little antsy to put an offer on it before anyone else can snap it up! One of the great benefits of a car loan with Why Not is the speed of approval. If you apply through a bank, you can end up waiting weeks for approval, and that dream car of yours will already be halfway down the road with someone else in the driver’s seat. It only takes a few minutes to complete our application form, and you can expect approval within an hour. Don’t let someone else drive off in your dream car!


Improve Your Credit Score

If you don’t have much credit history or perhaps your credit score has seen better days, one of the benefits of a car loan is that it can help you rebuild your credit score. Why Not Finance’s car loans are easy to qualify for and can give your credit score the boost it needs. As long as you reliably make your repayments, your credit score will go up and your loan down. Why Not works with you to create a payment plan you can confidently deal with.


Get Yourself Back on the Open Road with a Car Loan

The benefits of a car loan boil down to one simple thing; they help Kiwis keep two hands on the wheel. Why Not Finance offers fast and flexible vehicle loans that will get you back on the road and in the driver’s seat of your own finances. Apply today and drive off in your new car tomorrow!