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Total repayments on a $2000 loan

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We believe in doing things right.  That includes lending at fair interest rates.  Some flashy lenders spend lots of money on advertising but charge massive interest rates.

WHY NOT vs "Competitor X"

YOU borrow $2,000 for 26 weeks.
Total repayments to Competitor X = $3844
Total repayments to Why Not = $2541

Save $1,303 with WHY NOT!!! *

* Calculated on October 2020


In Auckland and across the country, small business owners struggle to make ends meet from time to time. After all, even the most successful businesses can run into cash flow issues due to accounts receivable problems or other related challenges. Despite these challenges, you still have fixed overheads with firm due dates. Dealing with a cash shortage can be stressful and even harmful to your business, but there may be a simple and easy solution to your challenges.

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Initial Application Criteria Checklist:

  • You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident / Working on a Work Visa and currently living in New Zealand.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Proof of identity by means of a Drivers Licence or Passport is required
  • Security for your loan e.g. a vehicle or property

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A Fast Resolution

You can walk into a local bank branch and apply for a traditional business loan, but you may be aware that this process may take days or even weeks to complete. When you are dealing with a cash shortage, you simply not have time to waste and the good news is that you can easily apply for the funds that you need through SPLNZ today. With our small business loans, you will not have to wait for a local bank branch to open its doors, you can actually apply for your loan right now. We strive to provide our valued clients across the region with a fast, hassle-free way to obtain the funds they need.

Quick Access to the Money You Need

With some types of small business loans, you may not receive the cash that you need for several days or weeks. When you have to make payroll or pay for new inventory, you simply cannot wait that long. We can typically provide you with loan approval for your small business loans within about an hour, and we can transfer your funds into your account almost as soon as your loan application is approved. When you need fast cash for your small business, we have the clear and easy solution that you are looking for.

No Limitations

With some types of loans for small businesses, you may be limited as to how you can use the money. At SPLNZ, we do not place limitations on you in this way. Instead, you can simply wait for the funds to be deposited into your business bank account and you use the funds as you see fit as soon as they are available in your account. If you are struggling with a cash shortage issue and would benefit from an infusion of cash in your business bank account, you can contact us for more information about our loans. You can also complete the loan application today to get access to the money you need