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Total repayments on a $2000 loan

Consolidation Loans from Whynot Finance

Balancing your loan repayments shouldn’t feel like a juggling act, and with Why Not’s online consolidation loans, it doesn’t have to! We offer quick and easy NZ consolidation loans to take the balancing act out of loan repayments. Pay off your loans faster and smarter with Why Not Finance.

Why Not believes in doing things right – that means lending at fair interest rates. Some flashy lenders spend lots of money on advertising but charge massive interest rates.

WHY NOT vs “Competitor X”

YOU borrow $2,000 for 26 weeks.
Total repayments to Competitor X = $3844
Total repayments to Why Not = $2541

Save $1,303 with WHY NOT!!! *

* Calculated on October 2020


What You Will Need When Applying for an Online Consolidation Loan

We understand how things can add up over time. A little bill here, a balance due there, throw in a couple of late charges, some unexpected expenses, and suddenly you are spending a lot of money with very little result. One of our most popular options is our Loan Consolidation Program, which combines a lot of little bills into a single, affordable payment. Not only does this reduce the total monthly outlay in most cases, but it provides instant relief from the constant flow of upcoming payment deadlines.

Spend two minutes of your time filling out this application form and let us show you how we can make things better with a consolidation loan.


Initial Application Criteria Checklist:

  • You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident / Working on a Work Visa and currently living in New Zealand.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Proof of identity by means of a Drivers Licence or Passport is required
  • Security for your loan e.g. a vehicle or property


Apply for an NZ consolidation loan today to simplify your loan repayments and reduce the amount of financial stress you’re under.

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Why Choose Why Not Finance for Your Consolidation Loan

Quick Application Process

Applying for one of our consolidation loans really is that easy to accomplish. More importantly, there is no lengthy delay involved in waiting for a decision to be made. One of our central beliefs at South Pacific Loans is that your time is valuable and should not be wasted in dealing with archaic procedures that move along at a crawl. Instead, our fast, effective application process has been streamlined to the point where we have a 95% success rate in getting them sorted within an hour. While first time customers may sometimes require slightly longer time frames for document verification, returning customers are frequently able to transact their business in a matter of minutes in many cases.

Solution For Your Finance Needs

In addition, our consolidation loans are just a single option among the wide array of financial services we offer to our customers. With a wide selection of loan amounts, generous terms, and types of loans on offer, South Pacific Loans undoubtedly has the perfect solution for all of your personal loan  and consolidation loan needs.

We Are Here To Help

Filling out one of our simple applications can get the process going immediately to a consolidation loan, or perhaps you have additional questions which one of our friendly, confidential loan advisors would be glad to assist you with.

At South Pacific Loans, we truly care. The important thing to remember is that we are here to help you in any way possible with consolidation loans. It is not only our job but a commitment to our community as well.